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Classical Christian Education is an approach to learning that emphasizes biblical teachings and follows the Trivium teaching model, comprising grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages, complementing a child’s natural development.


In the early years, children are particularly receptive to memorization and absorb information readily. Through incorporating elements such as songs, movement, recitation, and exploration, we enhance their learning experiences. The grammar school approach in our Lower School lays a solid foundation for future academic success.


As students progress into middle school, they naturally begin to question and analyze more deeply. You may have noticed how they love to debate! The logic school approach in Upper School aligns with their developing cognitive abilities by introducing formal logic, and we provide ample opportunities to practice this skill in all subjects.


By the time students reach high school, they become increasingly self-aware and attuned to how others perceive them. It is during this stage that we focus on teaching rhetoric—the art of effectively presenting ideas—and nurturing wisdom in the student. Equipped with a broad foundation of knowledge, they are encouraged to consider the moral implications of their actions on the world around them.

In essence, Classical Christian education leads all students toward exceptional outcomes. Our graduates possess the ability to think independently, articulate confidently, and defend their beliefs winsomely, all while engaging with the world around them respectfully and responsibly.

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