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About Us.

Unity Christian Academy, established in 2010, is a private Christian school located in Beaufort County, North Carolina. Our school is minutes away from Washington, NC in the township of Chocowinity.


Our school provides pre-k through 12th-grade education. UCA offers a safe, loving environment, a Biblical Worldview, and challenging academics for those families seeking alternatives in education. Small classroom sizes allow our teachers more opportunity to cultivate in our young people a love of learning, a love of truth, and a love of God.


In addition to a surprisingly affordable academic product, UCA offers enriching afterschool and summer programming, competitive extracurricular opportunities, and a partnership with the local community college allowing for collegiate advancement. 



Unity is founded on the belief that God is the source of all truth.  The Logos is the principle of divine reason and creative order, and therefore, we exist to pursue wisdom from above, discover truth in creation, and cultivate virtue within our students.  In some ways we are to Beaufort County what a farmer is to his soil. We strive to continually revitalize, renourish, and restore our students to their intended fruitfulness, both in the Kingdom and in their life. Our vision is to serve eastern North Carolina by providing a genuine Christian education that elevates academic standards, the character of our students and the understanding of their faith. We strive to graduate authentic Christian leaders who seek truth, practice virtue, and pursue wisdom.

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