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The educational approach of Unity Christian Academy, as defined below is fundamentally different from government-operated education both in philosophy and content. Unity Christian Academy recognizes that an excellent education is founded upon disciplined, eager attention to learning; that this discipline rests upon the student’s moral character; and that this moral character can only be developed through a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. In support of parents’ God-given responsibility for educating their children, Unity Christian Academy seeks to do the following:

Provide a clear model of Christian life through its staff and board members (Matt. 22:37-40);


Encourage every student to begin and to continue to develop a relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ (Matt. 28:18-20);


Teach all subjects from a biblical worldview as parts of an integrated whole with the Scripture at the center (II Tim. 3:6-17);


Provide students with a classical education, in which grammar (the fundamental facts and rules of each subject), logic (the ordered relationship of particulars in each subject), and rhetoric (the expression in speech and writing of the ideas of a subject) are emphasized in all subject areas;


Encourage all students to develop wisdom, discernment, and a love for learning. Children will be taught how to learn for themselves and how to express what they have learned; how to think rather than simply what to think;


Discover Truth in Creation– Unity Christian Academy is founded upon the understanding that there is a God. He has given us revelation through Scriptures, and He has revealed goodness, beauty, and truth in His creation. As a result, we believe these qualities exist and can be seen. Inside of man is the ability to perceive, contemplate, and communicate that which is good, beautiful, and true. Christian education teaches its students to recognize and discover the truth that can be found in God’s creation;


Pursue Wisdom from Above– Unity Christian Academy believes that the Christian walk requires movement. Pursuing holiness implies the opposite of idleness. To remain ignorant in thought, and apathetic in action, is to drift away from God. Christian education instills within its students the desire, ability, and courage to actively pursue wisdom from above as they move closer to God;


Cultivate Virtue in One Another– Unity Christian Academy believes that Jesus Christ, our Savior, embodies that which is good, beautiful, and true. He is the perfect example of right thinking and right action. He is Holiness. UCA embraces a pursuit of holiness through practicing virtue, because when we practice virtue, we emulate Jesus. Christian education cultivates virtue, and the desire to do good, within its students and its educators;


Provide an orderly and safe atmosphere conducive to attaining these goals.

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